Mark Bowden is an expert in human behavior and body language in presentations who helps people all over the world stand out, gain trust, and credibility.

It’s a privilege to welcome Mark Bowden to the World of Presentations Podcast! Mark travels all over the world and delivers trainings, keynote speeches, and helps people from tons of organizations with non-verbal behavior skills that add context to their presentations.

Mark talks about how he helps people all around the world work on the frame around the content and main message they want to convey. It’s just as fundamental to not only have a clearly defined message but to also convey it in a way that helps you win people’s trust.

There’s something much more than just the content that is required to remove all barriers between you connecting with your audience.

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What's the story your audience is picturing in their heads about you?

What kind of judgment is your audience making about you as a person purely from your behavior and non-verbal communication before you even start presenting your main content? What people think about your product or service is framed by what they think of you.

Your body language defines how your message will be perceived.

We understand more about the human brain than ever but a lot of it is still a mystery. Still, the findings in the latest years can help you use your message and the way you present it to go along with how the human mind works, instead of against it.

The data doesn't speak for itself. You're the one who speaks.

This is just not how the brain deals with numbers and language. We tend to think that delivering a number is equal to delivering a specific value. But it actually needs additional context so you can make the final push towards your audience clearly understanding what your data is actually saying.

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