Maurizio is a presentation strategist, public speaker, as well as an associate professor that teaches Presentation and Pitching Strategies and works with a lot of startups to help with their investor pitches! Moreover, he is CEO at MLC Presentation Design Consulting, Startup Pitch Strategist at Polihub and the author of the books "Lean Presentation Design" and "Startup Pitch Presentation". He is also one of the speakers at the Present to Succeed conference in April.

In this episode, we discuss presentation strategy and structure, start-up pitching, and the most common mistakes anyone should avoid at investor pitches.

Presentation Strategy and Structure

Maurizio shares with us that good presentation skills are a must for any idea you have, and that generic content is not something you want. You need practice and to hone your ability to turn the narrative into something that can help people and be valuable to them. Additionally, the presentation structure is very important, and you cannot rely only on one.

How to pitch a business idea

If you cannot present your product, why would an investor trust you with their money? In Maurizio’s opinion, startup presentations are just more extreme presentations as so much depends on them. You usually have around 5 minutes to pitch it out in which you cannot afford to fail. It is not a presentation that you can repeat because if you fail, you do not get funded. And as Maurizio is passionate about startups, we also discuss his “Startup Pitch Presentation” book.

Improving your narrative

He has collected the most successful pitch presentations, extracted their structure, and come up with a structure that he has now been testing for years. “Lean Presentation Design” is the book in which he explains his methodology and the presentation structure with which he has raised millions in investments for his companies and is now helping other founders and startups to use.

You can hear more about how you can improve your pitches in this episode as well as the Present to Succeed conference where Maurizio is a speaker.

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