Meet Mihaela! She's a nutritionist, health psychologist, and an avid food photographer.

It’s time to talk about good food, good health, and how do presentations fit into the daily life of Mihaela who takes her audience extremely seriously.

Mihaela joins us for episode 3 where we talk about her journey as an entrepreneur, a nutritionist, and a food psychologist. She’s helping her audience through training, workshops, and coaching on how to live better lives by taking care of their physical and mental health.

As you can imagine, every time she’s speaking to her audience she’s presenting her ideas, projects, and initiatives. How does she approach presentations in her field and how does she connect with her audience?

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How does she approach her trainings and workshops for clients?

For Mihaela, the only thing that matters is the content and the trainees. Doesn’t matter if it’s about a big corporate client, freelancer, or a young mom, we’re all humans. So she tries to find the common struggles and help everyone overcome them through teamwork.

How does she make sure her courses and training are effective?

Mihaela does her best to make her audience feel welcome and that everyone fits in the group to eliminate any kind of stress from asking questions and participating freely.

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