Inside the Newest Presentation Resources & Events at 356labs

Ironically, the end of Summer was an intense and exciting new beginning for our team. Boris and Iva met with lots of startups, young businesses, and growing brands that were in need of presentation resources and mentoring.

Mentoring about the way they plan, build, and deliver the presentations that drive their growth.

Speaking of events, the most recent stage Boris and Iva just hit was in beautiful Sweden. They just came back from Epicenter Stockholm where Boris delivered From Deck to Deal.

Тhe local crowd got tons of insights about sales presentations and how to close more deals. How? By carefully planning the design and delivery of their sales collateral. Tons of happy faces and a lot of positive feedback!

Meanwhile… the team back home was working on a number of truly effective presentations. Furthermore, we kept rolling out tons of resources that help you be better at your own slides.

New Presentation Resources You Don’t Want to Miss

To start off, we launched 2 new episodes in “The World of Presentations” podcast. Enjoy some cool presentation resources during your commute or walk home.

Next stop, we announced 2 new dates for webinars this October and November. They will redefine the way you view PowerPoint as a presentation software.

Speaking of PowerPoint, we launched 2 new articles that showcase the latest updates in the most popular presentation tool. They’re taking the way you work with artificial intelligence to the next level.

The World of Presentations Podcast - 2 New Episodes!

Two new guests brought some fresh knowledge and energy into the podcast. We talked about their views and experience with presentations as well as public speaking.

Episode 20: How vital presentations are for business in 2019 feat. Ciprian Sorlea

Our guest Ciprian Sorlea, CTO of Nordlogic Software talks a lot about how vital presentations are for his specific line of work. He can’t imagine life without presenting important subjects using slides in 2019. Ciprian told Boris the story of how presentations influenced his journey from an employee to consultant to business owner.

Listen here!


Episode 21: Hook your audience! Start with a bang ? feat. Verineia Codrean

Verineia is a public speaking coach that runs her own business in Hong Kong that helps speakers get better. Her discussion with Boris had a lot of advice on attention-grabbing techniques for presenters. Tune into the episode if you want to learn how to captivate the attention of your audience the moment you walk on the stage!

Listen here!

What’s New in PowerPoint?

Tons of new features are changing the way presenters interact with PowerPoint. The enhancements in the AI-powered tools like Designer and Presenter Coach are incredibly empowering for users. They can now design beautiful and effective presentation resources without the need of spectacular design skills.

Top 3 Upgrades in PowerPoint AI Designer for Creators

Creating an impactful presentation in PowerPoint becomes much easier and time-saving with the help of artificial intelligence. The AI-driven content suggestions now give you much more relevant high-quality and royalty-free images for your slides.

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Presenter Coach AI and Direct Slide Linking in PowerPoint

One of the newest AI-based features in PowerPoint is the Presenter Coach. An artificial intelligence system that captures the way you speak while rehearsing. The Coach gives you pointers that improve your diction, speed, word choice, and much more.

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PowerPoint Webinar Dates in October & November

Join us as we keep exploring the most popular presentation software there is – PowerPoint. You’re gonna change the way you see and use the tool and drastically improve the quality of your presentations.

PowerPoint – The Reason to Migrate to Office 365?

Are presentations a big part of your business growth? Well, you can empower your organization with more capabilities to drive growth with this webinar. You’re about to see 3 case studies of brands that built business-critical presentations using new PowerPoint technologies. Tools like Morph, Zoom, and the latest improvements in PowerPoint Designer are game-changes.

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Introduction to Presentation Templates (Part 1)

Presentation templates are designed for brands that need a series of consistent slides with various content layouts. Every business needs a specific template designed based on their brand guidelines like colors, fonts, visuals, and tone.

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Presentation Template Design (Part 2)

In this webinar, you will learn about the more advanced building blocks of a template. Steps like the master slide, layouts, and the Enterprise PowerPoint AI-Powered Designer.

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What’s coming next?

The content we’re about to drop is just revving up. Up next is a PowerPoint Workshop, a series of guides to the most popular web-based graphic design tool for creating presentations, and 2 new webinar dates in November!