November Overview: Presentation Workshops, Blog Posts, and Webinars

Let’s be honest, November is often the month you wish would end faster so December can come and warm you up with Christmas decorations and tons of food.

Well, this time this wasn’t the case here!

November will be remembered as the month when we really settled in our new home (the coolest office ever) and brought a lot of coziness, new visitors, and a fresh new start for a lot of our team’s activities.

Let’s catch you up with the highlights of last month and see if you missed something.

New Workshops: Learning by Doing

The most exciting event of the month was the first ever workshop in our new office!

10 people from different backgrounds, industries, and positions came together at our office to learn, practice, and flex their presentation skills. Now we have 10 more PowerPoint pros out there creating much better presentations faster than ever!

Due to high interest in the event, we’re hosting a second group right now in December, so color us excited for more guests in our office!

New Webinars: Watch and Learn

Gathering and meeting presentation people from all over the world online!

Presentation Template Basics & Design were the focus of the webinars our audience enjoyed. It’s amazing to see how much interest is generated when the spotlight is on presentation templates.

However, we’re not taking the popular path of generating hundreds of “branded presentations that fit any business”.

You’ll find that it’s much more useful to know how a new presentation template is designed from scratch to fully connect and resemble your brand. Not “all” brands.

That’s why Mariya took the time to carefully explain the basics of what a presentation template actually is and the best practices that help you design your own, personalized for your brand.

Part 1: What’s a Presentation Template

Part 2: How to Design a Presentation Template

The Beginner’s Guide to Canva

Introducing Canva for Presentations

The favorite design tool of non-designers. Now you can use it to create spectacular presentations using the high-quality templates that Canva is known for.

Getting around the web-based graphic design tool is easier than most other types of presentation software you can think of. Designing your slides in Canva is pure pleasure when you see how many templates and resources you have to use inside!

Start Your First Canva Presentation Design

One of the most useful features of Canva is the numerous templates and layout styles you can find and adapt to your own brand. You don’t have to suffer staring at a blank screen anymore.

Pick a template, choose your style and start using the multiple layout options to create a branded presentation in no time!

Export Slides From Canva to PowerPoint

So, you’re done with your Canva presentation? Maybe you want to open it in PowerPoint for some advanced editing, effects, animations, or transitions?

No worries, you can easily export a Canva presentation and open it in PowerPoint in just a few simple steps we described in the article. Have fun!

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Slides

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Slides: User Interface Intro

Google Slides is the second most popular presentation software out there. Let’s introduce you to the main user interface features you need to know for creating powerful presentations for your brand.

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Slides: Content Types

Now it’s time to show you what types of content you can use and add to your Google Slides presentation. Spoiler alert – they’re a lot! Find out if there was something you didn’t know about the content types in Google Slides.

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Slides: Presentation Mode

Are you ready with your slides? Now it’s time to go into presentation mode! View the options you have for presenting your story and how Google Slides helps you easily show your story to the audience.

Start a New Google Slides Presentation in 3 Seconds

Did you know there’s a browser hack that lets you open a new Google Slides presentation without opening neither Google nor your G Suite account? Simply open your Google Chrome and enter the lines in the guide.

How to Break the Ice in Google Slides with Emojis

So after digging around, we found out that Google Slides stands apart from competitors by allowing you to add emojis into your text boxes out of the box! Check out how and start adding some color and emotion to your presentations.

What’s coming next?

Big plans are brewing up for 2020 in 356labs. The upcoming workshop dates we’re about to announce will cover topics from slide design, to storytelling, to data visualization, so keep close as we are raising the bar and taking your skills to the next level!