A month ago we announced that we are ready to deliver our first public workshop on storytelling & presentation design. Not only we are ready though. We organized the event(+ a company booked us to deliver the training for 15 of their people in June too) and I am happy to announce that the tickets are almost all sold out. We have just 2 seats left. 

On 7th and 8th of May, at one of the most creative event rooms in Sofia, we are going to take our students on a journey through what it takes to create a memorable presentation. We are going to teach them how to create and structure a world-class talk and how to also design beautiful, yet effective slides for it! The latter, without the need of them to be graphic designers!

So if you are in Sofia and want to level up your presentation game, go take one of the 2 tickets and see you soon!

Do you want us to organize such workshop in your city too? Let me know in the comments or write us an e-mail and let’s figure it out! 

Update: The 2-day workshop went absolutely fantastic! I am really happy with the results the students achieved and also pleasantly surprised that they didn’t even want to go home till 8:30 PM! And it was a weekend! Below are just few of the photos that I took during the great 2 days we had together!