Paul van Hattem is a founder and managing director of the award-winning presentation agency Mr.Prezident, based in Amsterdam and New York. He is also a speaker at the Present to Succeed conference in April.

In this episode, we talk about presenting your work, presentation software, how important having a presentation budget is, the results that a successful presentation recipe can bring and how to stay impactful even virtually.

Common mistakes in presenting your work

The first thing Paul jokingly mentions is that people hire them as “it is a sure way of avoiding mistakes” he says. Usually, people don’t believe that a presentation can take 40 hours to build, but you surely wouldn’t invest just 3 hours in an important one, right?

One of the most common mistakes is that people still put too much text on slides, and because of this, they do not get the emphasis they want. Another is when people start thinking straight about the story while having a good structure is also critical.

Having a presentation budget

Having a presentation budget is important for smaller and bigger brands alike. It often comes from different budgets but having a presentation budget pays off long-term because when presentations are done well, they do a lot more for you. Paul tells us that allocating a budget for where the actual money is being earned is a smart move because often the decisions are being made in the board room or the meeting room.

Presentations are seen often as something you can do by yourself, but it is worth the money to hire an expert for an important presentation. The expert can help you immensely as he has done this multiple times and has the knowledge.

Staying impactful even virtually

According to Paul, the first thing to do to make sure your presentations are great even virtually is that you can stop sharing your screen from time to time and have less text on your slides. People can just start reading the slide instead of having their attention on you. They start multitasking and don’t feel obliged to listen to you.

Some solutions to that issue are the proper software where the content is actually around you like Prezi Video or Mmhmm. (Just a hint – we had Spencer, from Prezi as a guest on the podcast recently that you can listen to here.) In Paul’s opinion having more virtual events and meetings has an upside and that is it is boosting innovation in that field. The third thing is using a second screen for your presentation, a mobile phone, or a not-so-expensive external monitor can aid you with that just fine.

In the end, we talk about Paul’s session at the conference and what people can expect from it.


You can find Paul on his LinkedIn. Mr. Prezident is available ontheir site and their Instagram. Virtual presentation software mentioned in this episode is Prezi Video and Mmhmm.

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