Peter Hopwood is a communicator, confidence-booster & connector. He helps people tell stronger stories and take control of their speaking.

Peter travels the globe helping speakers, high-performing professionals, corporate teams, TEDx speakers, and accelerator startups to build acute speaking and presence skills – creating an impact when it matters.

During the episode, Peter told Boris about what it’s like being in his role and what are the main challenges people have with public speaking at big events. Listen and learn what he advises his clients and don’t miss Peter’s Masterclass at Present to Succeed 2021!

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What is the collaboration between an MC and a speaker

The MC is there to help you as a speaker by putting your audience in the right frame of mind and help them get ready for your delivery. In other words, the presence of an MC means one hurdle less for the speaker at the beginning of your speech.

Practice does not make perfect

Anything you do more of, your confidence with it rises. But that doesn’t always necessarily mean that you’re actually getting better at it.

If you practice a lot, but you’re practicing the wrong thing or the wrong way… you’re only getting better at being bad.

So practice with awareness is the only way to actually getting better, so being aware of your progress from different perspectives is what leads to stepping up your game.

What can you expect from Peter and his Masterclass

First of all, we’ll dig deep into the mindset of an exceptional speaker and how one gets into the right state of mind to deliver an excellent performance. One of his other elements will be the notion of unpredictability and accepting unexpected change, meaning that whatever comes at you – you will be able to deal with it on the spot.

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