Icons are sometimes underestimated in the way they're used without any consistency, but they're a highly effective supplement that empowers your main message.

This week we’ve discussed everything around icons and where to find an amazing selection of free and paid ones!

As with pictures and fonts, which we discussed in the previous two episodes, icons can also convey your message and present it in a very visual way!

So in case you want to level up your presentations on an even higher level, listen, learn and enjoy!

Consistency in icons is a must.

Never mix up the types and styles of icons you use and download. Make sure all of the icons in your presentation follow the same design style, whether they’re line icons, round ones, illustrative ones, etc.

Places to find free & paid icons.

3 websites to find icons to download and how to use them to find similar icons from the same style to ensure consistency in your slide design.

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