PowerPoint Templates for $10? Here's the issue.

Recently I received a call from the CEO of a company in the US. They bought a PowerPoint template for 10$, but now they had a problem…

Let me be clear. I don’t have anything against all those great individuals or whole companies who sell those otherwise cheap templates. However, for everyone buying one of those, let’s be honest here. Do you really expect that you can pay 10$ or even 50$ and solve all of your presentation issues? Even more, get a product that is customized based on your needs?

What worries me is not only that companies do not have a proper PowerPoint template. It’s because of that that their whole organization struggles. We talk about communication effectiveness and productivity here and yet again, companies who can afford to invest in a proper presentation template, decide to go the cheap route and “invest” 10$…

So what happened with our customer after purchasing the 10$ template?

What were the problems he was struggling with? Let me name a few of the most important ones:

The template does not reflect their brand — yes, some companies have people that can do that work, but not all of them. And…why wasting the time of your people to do work like this when they have numerous more things to do already in the first place!?

The template didn’t cover all of their most frequently needed presentation cases. At 356lab we like to say — it’s not created with the end user’s needs in mind. The needs of the people who are going to be creating their presentations with it!

The template had no user guides and instructions — even though the template had some great example slides, there were no clear instructions and guides on how one can actually create something similar;

Font issues — the people inside of the company didn’t want to install additional fonts on their machines. They just didn’t. However, the template came with 3 custom fonts that were not embeddable. One of them was the font that was “holding” all of the icons on the slides.

There was no launch plan — When launching a new company PowerPoint template, you should introduce the template to the people who are going to be using it. Otherwise, you may see a very interesting effect in people — refusing to adopt the new presentation file.

• We have written already on a lot of the topics related to PowerPoint templates. I continue to push in that direction because when you think about it, presentations are the most visible communication form we have nowadays. Yet, companies spend (if at all) almost zero effort, time, and money in making sure that these presentations are effective.

• And as for our customers — we created a workable solution for them in order for their people to prepare their presentations for their upcoming company retreat. After that, we were told we are going to be creating the template from scratch because a PowerPoint template is not just a bunch of slides. It’s way more.

You can also check our online course PowerPoint Tips & Tricks. More than 40 tricks await you in it!

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