Present to Succeed 2021: You Spoke. We Listened.

It was a wild ride

With over 1800 people from 53 countries attending simultaneously, the first edition of our Present to Succeed conference was challenging, even a bit exhausting, but just as fun. And as far as we’re reading your feedback, for you, the event was: “great, incredible, and fantastic,” to list just a few of your heartwarming comments. Comments, that motivate us to deliver an even greater presentation conference in 2022.

We are thrilled hundreds of you appreciated our great selection of speakers and topics and noticed that, in addition, the conference went exceptionally smooth from a technical standpoint – no glitches, no downtime, no delays. Some of you were surprised by that but not us, to be honest. To paraphrase one of our awesome speakers, Scott Karman – you are always prepared when you are always preparing. Maybe that’s why other brands are already searching for our help in organizing their virtual events – and we’re more than happy to support them! You can learn more about that here.

The positive, the negative - we loved all the feedback!

“Amazing organization! I have to be honest with you, I didn’t expect such a professional performance – everything was so smooth, the whole technical part, even with so many guests and attendees from all over the world, it was Flawless! Great job, team, really, I was extremely happy with the event!” writes Ivana Hristova from Telus International.

We received so much feedback, and we’re thankful to all of you who left comments after the event. Not only for the positive feedback but also the constructive criticism, because that is precisely what helps us improve and provide you all with a hard-to-match event every time.

You listened during the event. And after the end, it was our turn to listen – this time to you. So we did, we took notes, and we’re starting with the improvements right away.

What are we upgrading first

For many people around the world, life is far from back to normal. Working long hours from home, combined with taking care of your families, resulted in not having enough time to watch all the great session recordings. That’s why we did two things.

First, we extended the access to the 2021 recordings for all Standard ticket holders until the end of May.

Second, we made all of the Standard tickets for Present to Succeed 2022 to include 30-day access to all session recordings instead of just 7. Everybody will have more than enough time to watch the talks of our exceptional speakers.

In addition, we know that time zones can be perplexing. That’s why the moment we are ready with our next agenda you will be able to see the schedule on the website in your local time. Converting time zones on Google isn’t fun, we know.

“There was a wonderful variety of speakers. The content was very relevant to my needs. It was interesting to observe different presentation styles,” comments Yonka Mirevska, HP Talent Systems Lead.

Finally, we see you loved both the speakers and the content they presented. But we also acknowledge that many of you want even more How-to tips and tricks that you can implement and use right away in your work. Without revealing anything, we want to assure you that in 2022 we will have you covered on that part as well.

See you in a year!

Time flies faster than you would think. So we hope to see you, or actually, we hope you will watch and see our rock star speakers and ourselves again in the 2022 edition of our online conference. And, before we go, here’s one more comment: “It would be nice if at some point Present to Succeed is done physically at some European city…”

Who knows what the future will bring, so stay tuned! And until then, join us online again next year for two more days full of insights, tips, and ideas. You can get your tickets straight away at