Introducing Virginia Y and her stories of how she presents her fashion photography projects

Tune into episode 2 to learn about the touchpoints between fashion photography and presentations. Most importantly, see what kind of insights, techniques, and tips you can take away for your own way of presenting and building your talks!

Boris and Virginia Y talk about her experiences on stage and the stories she has about presenting in the fashion photography world. She shares how important presentations are for the way she connects with her audience and clients, also how impactful they are for her image.

Virginia Y is an internationally published commercial photographer who has worked with brands like ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Nestle, Grazia, Men’s Health, and more.

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What does doing a presentation and a fashion photography project have in common?

The main connection between a presenter and a photographer is that both are trying to capture the main essence and story behind a brand.

How do you become comfortable in front of your audience?

Only through practice. A presenter who makes it look easy and can leverage being comfortable in front of an audience is one step ahead of everyone else who will hit the stage.

You always need a backup plan to cover any situation.

Virginia talks about one of her last seminars where she talked about how vital it is to have a backup plan. If you have a certain situation you did not expect, you will know how to perform and you’ll be able to dedicate just the right amount of time to handle it.

Always learn from mistakes, both yours and from others.

Virginia shared a story where she worked with a model and a makeup artist for a beauty event. As she was giving photography advice to her audience, one of the people in the crowd started laughing. How did she handle that? Listen to the episode!

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