Problems caused by a bad PowerPoint Template

Almost every single one of the companies we have worked with has some kind of a PowerPoint template. Unfortunately, 99% of the time, this PowerPoint template is not a proper and well-created one. How can you see if you are in the same situation? I have already written on this.

I want to quickly remind every business owner, decision maker or manager what the problems are when your PowerPoint template is not a proper such. Here are the 3 major ones:

Wasted time and productivity — A bad template takes more of your time to create your presentation. Why? Because when you don’t have the basics of your layout, you need time to decide what to create. Which leads us to…

Bad design — most of you are not designers and what’s more, you don’t have to be! However, because your PowerPoint template was not created properly, you now have to play the role of a designer. Unfortunately, that’s one of the reasons why we are faced daily with all of those badly designed slides. Again — it’s not your fault. It’s your template’s fault.

Inconsistency — that’s what you end up with having more than 1 presentation in your company. Which we guess you do. Because the template is not a good one, everyone comes up with his own solution for the look of their slides. Doing so — there is just no consistency. There is nothing that makes you feel that this was created by people working in one company. Do I have to also mention what a mess happens when at some point someone uses a slide from someone’s presentation? Yes, I know. You reuse slides in different presentations. Many companies do it. Why — look at point 1 again.

The above are just 3 reasons why you need to take a careful look at your PowerPoint template. If you are seeing those problems above, invest. Invest time and if needed money. Help yourself and the people around you become more productive and better presenters…

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