Public Speaking Engagements in December, 2018

SoftUni - Digital Sales 2018

Boris shared with the students successful case studies of presentations that we worked on. He also spoke about how they were created, why they were created this way and what each one of the students can do to follow the same steps in order to achieve the goal they are looking for – to close the deal. The group was very active, asking a lot of questions. Really nice to see so much young and energetic people!

A girl taking notes

Speaking for "Erasmus +" | Digital Skills

Boris delivered on the secret of engaging presentations for these very cool kids for the “Erasmus +” project. It focuses on the need for young people to confidently and critically use information society technologies for work, leisure and communication.

Speaking for Able Mentor

We spoke about PowerPoint Tips & Tricks for Able Mentor. However, we also showed how to create effective slides. The kids were really curious and proactive and showed a desire to learn, even though it was Sunday! So, don’t tell us kids don’t have the desire to learn!

Speaking at PMDAY Bulgaria

It was a pleasure to speak at PMDAY Bulgaria! We went deep into what makes a presentation memorable and showed what is the “formula” that will not only explain why some presentations are talked about but also, how can one apply this “algorithm” and make sure that their talks will be truly effective. Even though the electricity was going on and off constantly we managed to make the event engaging and have fun with it.

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