Public Speaking Engagements in May 2019

Seminar: 356labs & Praktika and PowerPoint Tips & Tips

Together with Praktika, we organized an event on PowerPoint Tips & Tricks that showcased 10 tricks everyone can utilize to make better presentations faster and become an overall better public speaker. This event was held, as you can see, in a club and was also the one we used to launch a 3-week workshop that ended up being a huge success.

Conference: CDC Germany, 2019

We had the privilege to speak at CDC Germany, 2019 in Hannau, Germany! As an ex-IT person and a top-rated speaker in that field, Boris delivered a session called: “Delivering Top-Rated Tech Talks: How” in which he shared his secrets of creating world-class technical talks. No photos from the session itself but photos from the moment when we arrived at around 21:00 and the coffee we needed.

Public Speaking May 2019 CDC Germany
Public Speaking May 2019 CDC Germany
Public Speaking May 2019 CDC Germany

Guest Speaking in Mindspace, Bucharest, Romania

As part of a business trip, Boris and Iva did to Romania, they got the opportunity to do a public speaking engagement for one of the coolest coworking places you will ever see – Mindspace! The topic: The Secret of Engaging Presentations.

Seminar: 356labs & and From Deck to Deal

We collaborated with the great team of to deliver a really special event: From Deck to Deal. We showcased real-world projects for our clients and our own internal documents we use to provoke interest, present and then offer. TrendingTopics even wrote a really cool article on the event! Check it out here!

Guest Speaking for the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria

We were asked to speak at the “Incredible You” event organized by the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria. We talked about the Secrets of Engaging Presentations and we are already looking forward to this event next year! It was that good!