Quick Trick: Fonts in a Slide Deck?

Have you ever wanted to quickly see what type of fonts have been used in a particular slide deck? Have you thought that it would have been great if you did not have to go through all slides and all text fields, mark the text and check its font to understand that? Guess what! There is quite more easy way for you to accomplish that. Let us show you how to do that in PowerPoint.

You first open the presentation you want to “explore” and then go File -> Properties
PowerPoint_File_MenuThen you go to Contents and on top of the new window that will pop up, you will see “Fonts Used”:


And boom! Here is the information that you want! As you can see, my slide deck has quite some fonts used and I definitely have to take a look at this. Why? Fonts and their usage will be a discussion for a lot more blog posts in the future, but as of know think of it this way – the general rule of thumb(of course, there are exceptions) is to use not more than two different font types.

So did you know that? Let us know in the comments!