Rock Star Presenter Interview: Amber Israelsen

356labs: Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what are you doing?

Amber: I’m a part software developer, part instructional designer/trainer and part UX professional. Incorporating UX best practices, I teach others to develop and use the software.

356labs: What is your experience as a speaker?

Amber: I’ve been teaching virtual and in-person classes for 7+ years, in both corporate and academic environments.

356labs: How do you prepare for your presentations?

Amber: First, understand the audience. What do they know already? What do they need to know that’s new? Why do they care? Then I research and gather my content. Next, I get out my Post-It notes and head to a whiteboard to outline and design my presentation. From there, I build the content out in PowerPoint (usually), making adjustments as needed. I follow a similar flow for building out live software demos. Finally, I practice, practice, practice. Then showtime!

356labs: Why is presentation design important in your opinion?

Amber: Presentations have the power to inspire, interest, intrigue and inform, but only if they are done well. I’ve seen my fair share of dry, ineffective presentations (we all have), and I’m on a mission to change that!

356labs: Your advice on how to become a rock star speaker?

Amber: Practice, practice, practice! Knowing your content and knowing your audience will make you confident and comfortable when it comes time to present.

… practice and care about your design. That’s it! Thank you, Amber, for being part of the series and for those of you who want to see and learn more for Amber, this is her website and on this link you can follow her on LinkedIn.