Scott Karman is the Owner and Principal of Silver Fox Productions, a leading presentation design agency located in Seattle Washington with 30+ years of experience in creating world-class presentations.

In this episode, we are talking about super high stakes presentations and how Scott and his team are helping some of the top executives out there deliver the mesmerizing presentations we have all seen.

Being nervous is for executives, too

Those top executives are super, super busy, and delivering an important presentation is just one of their tasks for the day. You will be surprised but many times those people deliver those product keynotes without even rehearsing.

Being a top presenter is still about a prep

Practice, practice, practice. That’s it. However, together with that those executives have Scott’s team next to them, speechwriters, public speaking coaches, and more. Many times this is being provided by the organizations they work for because the organization itself understands the importance of that skill for those executive roles and invests in them.

The best is to ask questions

You may be surprised but the best speakers are actually super curious and ask a ton of questions backstage. They are super wide-open to listening and finding ways to improve. What’s more, even if they deliver the presentation like no one can, they will never give you or themselves high fives. No. They are all about seeing what’s the next level.

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