Seminar: How to become a better speaker in 2019 | Volume 2

We will start 2019 with a bang! Many of you didn’t manage to attend the first seminar. Since we love sharing our knowledge with you, we decided to give you a peek at all of the tips and tricks that top speakers use once more.

You will learn how to prepare, design and deliver presentations that truly stand out and all of that will be based on the insights we’ve gained from the work with our top clients during the year.

If you want to learn the best practices for public speaking, this event is the one for you! After all, we won the hearts of investors, people like Bill Clinton, companies like Lufthansa and much, much more. This event should be worth it, right?

The session will be delivered in Bulgarian by Boris Hristov, Founder of 356labs.

The event is FREE, however, the registration is mandatory!
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Date: 10 January 2019
Time: 19:30 – 20:30
Address: Angel Kanchev 3
Facebook Event: Here

See you at the event!