Seminar: Mobile is Here! Are Your Presentations Ready For It?

Here we go! On 26th of July at 19:00 we are doing our first public seminar at our new venue! The topic:

Mobile is here! Are your presentations ready for it? 

What we are going to cover:

  1. Why do we need to readapt our presentations for mobile?
  2. What are the current problems preventing us to use the same slides on mobile?
  3. Tips & Tricks on how to create mobile-friendly slides
  4. Resources every speaker can use to create visually stunning slides
  5. Innovative services and technologies to engage remote audiences

Event price: Free
Audience: The event is opened to everyone who wants to advance and become an even better presenter and speaker!
Duration: 1h

See you there! 😉

Update: What an event and what a great start in our new “training home“! The presentation ended a bit after 8 PM, but the discussions and the networking continued until almost 10! We are more than happy to see such engagement from the audience here in Bulgaria! Photos from can be found on our Facebook page!