You still haven’t heard about it? Around 300 people already did(click on the image above)! Boris is speaking at the Software University on Tuesday, 27th! He will be sharing 10 practical tips on probably what’s our favorite topic here in 356labs – presentation design! You will hear and learn something like a “process”(which is the one that we also follow) on how to create just a stunning yet efficient slide deck. So do you want to differentiate as a speaker? Do you want to be from the 1% of people who know how to properly use presentation software like PowerPoint, Prezi and Keynote properly? If so and if you are close to Sofia on the upcoming Tuesday, click on the image above or use this link to join!

See you there! 😉

Update: What an event! What an event this was! More than 350+ people registered and we are not currently sure how many came, but the room was packed! There were even people that were standing during the whole presentation and so huge “Thank you” to all of you who came and joined us! We really hope that you enjoyed it and that the content and the numerous discussions that happened were of value to to you! The slide deck that I used is below, photos are here and in case you still haven’t seen PresentationReactions, it’s now time for you to not only subscribe to it, but also suggesting you to keep an eye on this blog. A lot more great things coming up here!

Thanks again everyone! We hope we were of help to you!