Seminar: Slides vs Slidedocs

Many times people tend to make live presentations with slides full of text and information. This is one of the big reasons why the audience quickly loses interest, gets bored and even falls asleep. At the same, however, you sometimes need to present something – your idea, project, etc. – only by sending a presentation through e-mail. So how do you prepare your presentation so that it fits both cases?

The answer – these are two different scenarios and they require two different types of presentations – slides for the live such and the so called “slidedocs” or “slideuments” for the situation where you approach people over e-mail.

In this seminar we will share with you real-world case studies for both – slides and slidedocs. We will analyze their differences and we will also show you a quick way of how you can convert your live presentation into a cool document that you can send to your audience afterwards!

The session will be delivered by Boris Hristov, Founder of 356labs and Mariya Valkova, Graphic Designer in 356labs.


Date: 27 November 2018
Time: 19:30 – 20:30
Address: Angel Kanchev 3
Facebook Event: Here

The event is FREE, however, the registration is mandatory! 

See you there!


You can watch the video from the event HERE