SlideShare, you better be careful. is here!

SlideShare – the website that all of us as speakers and trainers are using to share our slide decks. The website that, however, in the last 6 months is not the one that I would expect it to be. Why?

  • They broke the embed functionality for WordPress – once upon a time there was an embed button for WordPress blog posts which was working just great! Remember that one?
  • Some of my old presentations are now not downloadable – go check all of yours too because if you have them just on one single place and that’s SlideShare then you may have a problem.
  • Numerous times the site failed to upload my deck with no reasonable explanation why.

SlideShare. The website that now has something to worry about because Microsoft is breathing down their neck with a seriously cool new and free service that’s called Docs. Docs gives you almost the same functionality as SlideShare with some differences though. Here are the important ones:

  • Docs is powered by PowerPoint Online which means that you now can finally(!) see all of the transitions and animations in your presentation!
  • It has just a wonderful embed and sharing functionality.
  • It has the serious ambition(oops and money) of Microsoft who want to make Docs simply the best service on the web for presentation sharing. Don’t ask where I know this from. Just blindly trust me. Oh, and should I mention how tightly it will be integrated with Office 365?

And all it takes is for you to have a live account which is also free and probably you already have such.

So, SlideShare, now what? It’s been years since you are out there and instead of improving your service(I have been waiting for the transitions and animations to work for looooong), you made it worse. Guess what – imagine a day in which Docs makes a button that says “Move your content from SlideShare with one click”? Cool, huh? Yeap, it’s cool because as speakers we care about how our content is consumed and having our animations and transitions work when people look and learn from our decks is important part of the experience.

So are you going to give Docs a try? If so, let us know what you think about it in the comments!

Update: It’s funny to see how the world changes. died because of SlideShare and now it looks like SlideShare itself is dying…?