How Slido Boosts Audience Engagement When You Present

The questions after the presentation are one of the favorite things of top presenters. It’s the time when you give the voice over to your audience to find out what they actually want, what they need, what troubles them, what they don’t understand.

The Q&A after the slides is the time when you can really shine as a speaker and expert in your field by truly connecting with your viewers, partners, stakeholders, and potential clients.

But there’s one major problem with that. Time.

Too many people asking?

You never have enough time for all the people and all their questions.

You always leave some people hanging, hoping they’ll eventually ask you over email, or social media. However, that’s friction. Some people do it, a lot more don’t.

Often times, the people asking questions are the most interested in what you do.

They are the most likely to engage with your brand. Make sure you connect with them at all costs!

Hook and hold everyone's attention

Grabbing people’s attention isn’t easy, unless you’re a teenager yelling at boomers about the weather. Trying to do so by using clichés and not-so-witty catchphrases doesn’t always work either.

To truly nail all eyes and minds on you, your presentation needs to make the audience a part of it. That’s exactly where Slido shines by allowing the attendees to steer the conversation their way.

Answer ALL the questions!

Today, we’re not just talking about how you can fit more questions in less time.

It’s not gonna be about following up with dozens of people after your presentation either.

It’s time to show you a total game-changer that lets ALL the audience members ask questions in real-time without interrupting your presentation or having to wait until the end of it.

Leverage audience engagement

More engagement from your audience will help you drive your story forward when you know how to channel it. Getting your points acknowledged and supported by the attendees helps strengthen your position on the matter you’re presenting.

The higher the audience engagement, the more you get recognized and remembered for your presentation. This is one of the crucial steps for building a stronger brand and presence in your industry.

64% of people believe that presentations with two-way interaction are more engaging than a standard presentation. (Source)

Meet Slido

Let your audience ask questions in real-time

Now each member of the audience can use their smartphones to ask you a question, vote in a poll, and engage with your presentation on a much higher mental and emotional level.

Slido is a Q&A tool that lets you turn presentations into productive discussions where audiences get engaged and create value for everyone.

How? By asking the questions that are on everyone’s mind.

Next time you do a presentation, you can get your audience to just log into the Slido website, enter the event code you created before the event, and start asking questions.

Viewers can vote for the most popular questions so you prioritize your answers and make everyone happy without having to wait until the end of the presentation.

How presenters use Slido

Make your events and meetings interactive

As you can imagine, Slido can solve the time limitations and the clutter of questions after your presentation on numerous types of occasions.

Company meetings get more productive

Instead of raising arms, let your team members vote on their phones. Focus on addressing the hottest questions and solving issues rather than on counting the hands in the air.

Make it simpler for everyone to take part in the conversation without feeling left out of the outcome and not making an impact on the results.

Now you can quickly find out the most pressing concerns of your team, and the top suggestions they’re making by allowing the room to vote.

Team meetings give more confident decisions

Why have confusing, prolonged, and ineffective brainstorming sessions when you can collect and sort the most impressive ideas of your team much easier?

You can use Slido to create an organized environment for discussions where all the team members feel part of the success, collaboration, and decision making.

Conferences create more conversations

Imagine speaking at your next conference with hundreds of people. Imagine you can grab their attention right from the start and get more audience engagement than any other presenter at the event.

Instead of opening Instagram while you speak, your attendees open Slido and tune into your presentation with their entire focus and interest. Simply by giving voice to their questions, opinions, and concerns – you win them over to your side.

The whole crowd is now interacting, submitting their questions, and voting for the hottest subjects so you know what to address first. You’re involving each and every one of them in the topic and that is the ultimate goal every presenter should aim for.

Trainings have a more lasting effect

Slido gives you the upper hand as a trainer by enabling you to double-check with your trainees for understanding and keeping up with the insights you’re sharing.

The next huge advantage is the fun you can have during training to help boost engagement and learning by letting the newbies guess the right answers at key moments. Bridge the gap between you and them by letting everyone participate in each subject.

Use that attention to clarify confusing topics to make the training more memorable so the new knowledge lasts longer.

Maximize audience engagement on your next event

Give Slido a go next time you present a topic and see how the audience interacts and reacts to your presentation. The next article is going to show you how the Q&A tool works more in-depth.