So you are a speaker, presenter, trainer or all of those at the same time. Do you share your presentations and how? SlideShare? we love!)? Some other similar service? In this blog post I am not going to ask you to stop doing that. What I want to do is to show you something that’s really cool and this thing is called Social Share – a free PowerPoint plugin written by Microsoft that you can use to share your presentations in kinda different way than what was offered up until now. Let me tell you what I mean by that…

Once you go to the Social Share web site and download the plugin by clicking on the “Get Social Share” button, it automatically adds a new tab in your PowerPoint which is named, you guessed it, Social Share. 


When you click on that tab you don’t have that many options(as of now) – you can see only the Facebook and Twitter icons and one that’s called “View”. Now it’s here where it begins to be really interesting. Let’s take a look at the options Facebook Provides:
SocialShare_FacebookScreen Clip – this is your ability to simply create a screenshot of part or your whole slide and share it on Facebook.
Share Slides as Photo Album – this one is interesting and can save you a ton of time! What this does is an image of every single one of your slides and uploads all the images to a photo album on Facebook. Here’s how it looks like and imagine how useful that is especially if you want to use your slides as content for other platforms and you don’t have the time to go and do screenshots of each and every one of them. With this tool, you can create those photos, put the album to be visible to “Only Me” and then save the photos locally and starting using them! It’s perfect!


Share Slides as Video – also a very nifty option – it creates a video of your slideshow(yes, the video includes your transitions and animations) as you presented it. The end result is this one:


The Twitter options – Okay, it’s just one now – is only the Screen Clipping, so you can again crop a piece of your slide and share it as part of a Tweet. I don’t know if more is coming, but by reading the Feedback section on the site – I don’t think so.

The last option – “View”(what a name, huh?) is nothing more, but an option to monitor the people’s comments and replies(if on Twitter) under your postings – either under the Photo Album with the screenshots of your slides or the video of your slides.

So that’s that. Social Share. Interesting free new plugin for PowerPoint that can save you quite some time and spread your slide deck in new ways. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments!