When we got invited to speak for ABLE Mentor, we didn’t even consider whether or not we should do it – we were all in. The reason is quite simple – ABLE Mentor are an organization that does something extremely cool and important – they provide mentors from the real business world to students. The only idea and reason they do that is to prepare those young people to succeed in their future careers! How cool is that? Seriously…

We quickly got to work and the first thing we prepared was a teaser video for the 4 hour meeting we were about to have. The video is below and is in Bulgarian, so I am sorry to all of you, folks, who don’t understand our “incredibly popular” language.


Now that the event is already in the past, I have to say it was a ton of fun. We did 1 hour on both presentation skills and presentation design and then we ended with 1 hour of practical demonstration on how to turn a badly designed slides into not just well designed such, but effective ones too.

Thanks, ABLE Mentor, once again for inviting us! It was a pleasure to get surrounded by such a young and eager for knowledge group of people!

To the students of ABLE Mentorall the materials we used and that we promised are here! Photos from the event – here!