Some time ago I was invited to speak at an event that I was told was a private one with only very selected people attending it. At first I was a bit skeptical. I thought that this will be something quite strange and even more importantly – I was not sure how successful it would be. However, I promised to join the event and speak on the topic of how future entrepreneurs should prepare for their start up pitches – what they need to include and what is that thing that makes those presentations so specific.

Now, while writing this, I am so happy I joined Emil(f|b) and the event he organized, it’s hard for me to even explain it. I met some great people there and had a ton of fun! 

So if you are interested in the subject and you speak Bulgarian(or just want to see the slides – they will give you an idea on what investors are expecting you to present), then enjoy watching the recording and let me know what you think!