We Are Speaking: IT Camp 2016, Romania

I am happy to share that I will be speaking at the IT Camp 2016 Conference in Cluj, Romania on 26th and 27th of May. IT Camp is one of the major community technology conferences in Romania and it’s a privilege for me to be invited to speak there.

My topic is: “Live Presentation Transformation: From Boring to Effective” and my plan is to do something a bit unexpected and more or less unusual. I want to share and actually show an approach that everyone who is presenting can use when preparing his slides. This will be that same approach that we at 356labs are using and before you start thinking that this involves a graphic designer – no, it does not. This session is for people who have 0 experience in graphic design, want to become better presenters and are looking for ways to create something different than the typical and boring slides we are all unfortunately still seeing.

I am already looking forward to spending almost 3 full days with the Romanian IT community. This will also be the first international presentation for 356labs, so I cannot be more pumped!

Updates and materials coming after the event…

Update: The team at IT Camp published an interview with me. You can read it, here on this link! 

Update 2: I recorded a teaser video for my session. Watch it here and in case you are one of the attendees and you are reading this, stop me when you see me at the conference. I would love to chat! 🙂

Update 3: A few days after I got back from Romania, I can easily say that this was one of the best events I have spoken to(photos here). The logistics, the venue, the audience, the sessions and the attention to the detail in every single aspect were almost second to none. I had around 60 – 70 people in my room and that’s a pretty decent number for a presentation talk on an IT event with 5 tracks running in parallel! My favorite moment from my session is definitely this one and for all of who you were in the room – I promised the materials, I deliver them to you. Everything I showed and shared is below! Thanks again to the IT Camp 2016 team for inviting me and I hope I will see you all guys next year too!

Photos: (Creative Commons 0 – no attribution required!)