It is the ultimate honor to get invited and speak at Microsoft Ignite again!

Being selected to speak at the biggest Microsoft event in the world – Microsoft Ignite – is indeed something special. This year, more than 26 000 people (yeap, you read that right) will attend the conference and will be able to choose from more than 1600 sessions.

One of those sessions is ours – Choosing between PowerPoint and Sway! The 20-minute session is actually a demo-only session. In it, the audience will see and clearly understand what the difference between the two products are. Many large media organizations were saying that Microsoft is killing PowerPoint with Sway. But is it really happening? What’s more, was this the intent of Microsoft in the first place? This is what we will be showing!

Wish us good luck!

Update: We had around 100 people in the audience and it was a blast! Even though the tech team didn’t know the Wi-Fi password and we tried to guess it(long story, but we succeeded), everything else was just perfect. Thanks again who stopped by to learn about PowerPoint and Sway and the differences between them. As promised, the Sway document that we created for Microsoft Ignite is below! Hope to see you next year again!