I am really happy to announce that we were invited to speak for a very special group of people – some of the future startup companies in Bulgaria. Start It Smart and their pre-accelerator program is where some of the companies of the future are born and it’s an incredible privilege for us at 356labs to join and help those teams become better communicators.

On 10th of February we will spend 2 hours(at least) with the future startups discussing and sharing our knowledge on both presenting and presentation design and let me make it clear, we can’t wait already! 

Unfortunately, as you can probably already imagine, this is a closed event. No worries, though! We are planning some seriously cool public(and free) events for both March and April, so stay tuned! We will publish the official dates soon!

In the meantime, do you have any question for us? If so, we will be happy to answer it as part of the #ask356labs show!