Experienced tech entrepreneur and Founder of empower. Stephan is passionate about awesome presentations and beautiful and intuitive software.

Creating brand-compliant documents and presentations has been a challenge for years and years. However, that’s because you don’t know about empower. Stephan Kuhnert is one of the Co-Founders of the company that works with brands like Microsoft, BMW, P&G, and many more to help them empower (yes, you are reading that one word again) their teams to create outstanding yet compliant MS Office documents quicker than ever.

Presentations in corporate

People seem to understand the importance yet do not have the time, don’t know the brand guidelines and the result is unfortunately very, very disappointing and that leads to missed opportunities.

Searching for a slide someone else created?

Not a problem. Just search for it with the help of the empower search and get results based on any presentation uploaded on your corporate intranet.

Getting feedback and implementing new features

Easy work. Not only you can create by just dragging and dropping but you can also ungroup it and animate it. The only thing that does not work there is collaboration, so unfortunately you are still not able to work with collages in parallel on the same Gantt Chart.

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