Michael Mioduski is the founder and CEO of a fellow boutique presentation agency located in the US. His company is called GhostRanch Communications and their Technical Director, Steve Sheets, is one of the speakers at Present to Succeed 2022, which is in 1 day! Michael and his team, work with brands like DocuSign, Oracle, and one of the cutest Scandinavian brands out there, Fjällräven, among others.

In this episode with him, we had a chat about his journey in the presentation industry, what presentation thinking is and how you can cultivate it. You can also hear about some very useful resources to improve your overall presentation skills.

From presentation designer to founding a presentation agency

Michael jokingly said, “Presentation design, you don’t find it. It finds you.” We couldn’t agree more here, as everyone’s journey is so diverse in the presentation world. He shared that he started as a generalist graphic designer at a tech startup and time after time colleagues asked him for a slide for this or that. And he always cared a little more about it than anybody else. Little by little, he discovered the medium and got into it.

Long story short, Michael is now the founder and CEO of GhostRanch Communications, a boutique Presentation Design & Thinking studio dedicated to helping B2B Marketers elevate their stories—one slide at a time.

What is presentation thinking?

Presentation thinking is this concept that to make a good presentation requires you to pull from many different disciplines,” Michael said. A presentation needs good design, typography, layout, etc. Then it needs the storytelling component, and good presentation delivery skills, which includes public speaking.

Furthermore, how do you make a presentation memorable? Depending on the type of presentation, you might need to persuade, motivate, or inspire. And to make sure that your presentation is not forgettable you need knowledge in behavioral psychology, neuroscience, etc.

I think, what we are learning is that the pursuit of becoming a great presenter or a great business communicator is a never-ending journey… there’s always another thread to pull,” Michael added.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about presentation thinking and hear some good starting resources for improving your presentation skills.


Check out GhostRanch Communications here. Listen to their podcast called Presentation Thinking here, or connect with Michael Mioduski on LinkedIn.

Listen to the full episode!