Having the perspective of a speaker and someone who has delivered and seen presentations all across the world, I was wondering. I was wondering what we at 356labs can do to try and slowly change the level of the presentations out there because unfortunately, at the end of 2015, the level is still too low. 

I came up with a ton of ideas, but one of them… one of them made so much sense that I thought should work. There was just no way it would not. The idea was simple – in my opinion the QA part of a presentation is very often the most interesting and useful part of the whole session. So, I asked myslef – what would happen if we try to organize a 2 hour event that is completely QA driven? People will come and ask their specific questions around the field of presenting and presentations and get answers from me and the team of 356labs. Something like a private mentoring, but not exactly.

So we did it! And in this post I want to share the feedback of just some of the people who joined the event:

Vasil Koynarev: If I have to answer the question why one should join the next Open QA Event of 356labs then it would be because:

– There are no restrictions or any type of limitations to what you can ask! You ask whatever interests you and 356labs gives you the answer
– The atmosphere is very friendly and you get to network with very interesting people from various industries
– You will be able to “take a piece of knowhow” from the Open QA event and become better in your presentations

Antoana Evtimova: One should go to this event in order to get involved and ask the questions he wants to hear the answers for. It’s a lot like a 1:1 mentoring session or an opened conversation with the speaker, but it’s also like a small workshop because everyone in the audience participates. A lot of neat tips and tricks were revealed and things that cannot be covered as part of a normal presentation were also covered. You just have to go and taste it.

Konstantin Yamaliev: I went on the event with no questions, but just out of curiosity because I myself presented before. I also asked a question, though, and I can assure you that it was answered to me!

What I also took from the event is why most of the presentations out there are crap and why is that most of the speakers disappoint their audiences and make them pull out their phones and start doing something that is more interesting for them.

As for 356labs, I learned that those guys are simply passionate about presentations and not just people who want to make money and do business. Will definitely consider giving them a call whenever I have to present something that is important to me.

Mihaela Vasileva: If the questions is why you should go to this event then the answer is – because you will not get information like this anywhere else! Why, will you probably ask, am I thinking this way? And the answer is because you are under the spotlight – you ask the questions and set the directions during the whole event! If you are interested in how you should be doing your presentations and you have questions around that, this is the thing you should go and visit.

Nia Pavlova: This event is suitable for everyone who is into presenting and wants to ask questions which are of interest to him. It’s a lot like personal consultation or some kind opened discussion with the speaker, but it also has some workshop elements because everyone from the audience gets involved. You definitely have to see it and participate in order to understand it fully.

Yanitsa Ilieva: If you are delivering trainings, selling services or products, these skills are just a must. Except if you don’t want to die starving…

Ira Hristova: This event turned out as a very interesting discussion. The audience was asking the questions based on their previous experience and received quite some practical advices! The event will be useful to people who want to learn and enrich their knowledge and skills about presenting because they will hear numerous real world stories and creative solutions for making incredible presentations.

I want to say once again – huge “Thank you” to everyone who trusted us and came to this first ever event and I am really happy that we were able to help you. We are already planning the next event which will probably be held at the beginning of next year. A lot more things also coming, so stay tuned.