So what happens when you have your story nailed down, the slides designed, and your delivery mapped out? What's the last piece of the puzzle that will make a successful presentation that blows your audience's mind?

You think your presentation is ready when you have your slides and you know what you’re going to talk about. Well… not exactly.

You need one last step to complete the process and make sure you’re going to nail the goals of the presentation and get your audience on board with your idea.

That last step is simple – it’s all about rehearsing.

How this affects your brand awareness

Giving yourself enough time to practice your presentation will bring you closer to achieving its end goals when it’s time to go out and deliver.

Failing to rehearse enough will leave you exposed to a lot of vulnerabilities, such as not being confident enough, failing to answer questions, or end up looking like you’re not sure what you’re talking about.

All of this affects your brand awareness and how your audience perceives you from that moment on.

Pace yourself and manage your time

The 1st thing you need to know is how long your presentation is going to take. Don’t go on stage without having an idea of how long you’re going to keep your audience.

The most important thing is to show people you respect their time and never let your presentation take longer than expected.

People should end up being happy they gave you their time, instead of feel like they lost it.

Find weak spots in your delivery

It’s gonna take a few practice runs but this is the only way to find and resolve any weak spots your presentation might have. Unless you start rehearsing it you won’t find them until you hit the stage.

Rehearsing helps with much more than just helping you clean up your umms, it helps you realize how you’re going to sound and perform when you’re in front of people.

It will bring out moments where you start wondering how to continue, how to switch the topic, how to notice and respond to your audience’s reactions, and so much more.

Build up the confidence you need to nail it

The more you practice, the better you get. That becomes obvious to yourself and this is the only way to gain enough confidence to go in front of your audience in the mood to deliver a flawless and impressive presentation.

The confident speaker is the one who sells their idea best, so if you think you’re feeling stressed or anxious about your presentation – those feelings will be gone once you rehearse enough to gain your confidence.

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