Creating Your PowerPoint Template is Not Enough by Our Standards

One of the things we do for our customers is creating or most often redesigning their company’s PowerPoint template. Why? Read here. We are 99% sure you will find out yours needs to be redesigned too…

At the moment we finish our work on the template itself though, we do something that may be a bit surprising to you and at the same time we believe is as important as the template creation itself – that is we include a free 1-day workshop on how to use this new template as part of our offer. 

Why would we do that? Didn’t we mention in the post linked above that we not only create many example slides and explain how to achieve those in the Notes section and by video examples? Yes, we do that. However, imagine how much more efficient for you as a company will be if:

  • You are able to ask whatever question comes up to your mind for the new template;
  • See how we achieve great slide design with the new template;
  • You, by yourself, do some simple exercises to achieve similar results (don’t forget – knowing you can do it and actually done it are two different things!)

This is how we believe the creation and the introduction of a new company’s PowerPoint template should be done. We firmly believe this is the proper and professional way and not what we are seeing almost everywhere – a template with 3 customized slides thrown and uploaded on a company’s page which everyone should download and start using in a magical way…

Presentations are hard. Designing an effective slide deck is hard. Templates can actually be of help. The problem is they have to be created right.

In case you have any questions, let us know in the comments or at

You can also check our online course PowerPoint Tips & Tricks. More than 40 tricks await you in it!