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Do you think that the presentations in your company can be better? Have you seen individuals – be that consultants, freelancers, etc. fail or at least not performing as good as you expect them during their session? Why is that? What are the reasons? This is what we are asking you and this what we are going to be putting a ton of effort into. Let us tell you the plan…

What we are doing with this blog post is not just announcing that we want your opinion. What we are doing is kicking off a series of blog posts that have one very important goal – creating a structured resource – series of articles – that we all, who are involved in the world of presentations, can point to everyone who delivers or is responsible for a bad presentation. Not surprisingly the series will be split for two groups of people:

  1. Managers
  2. Individuals

So… how can a manager(or your manager) make you more successful for your next presentation? Are you impressed by his/her style of presenting? If not – what are they missing? And what about those speakers at the local conference that you saw? Why did you not like their sessions?

Let us know in the comments or at in case you want to release your anger and don’t want to put all of this in public! Deadline – 12th of December, 23:59:59! 🙂 

And to give you a glimpse of what we mean when we talk fundamentals, one of the articles in the Managers’ series will be around the topic of asking an employee to deliver a presentation in a very short notice. Cool, right? However, how can one deliver a great presentation when he/she does not have time to prepare!? Yes, we are going to write about this and send it to all of our friends in management roles. Hopefully they will learn how they should ask next time.