The War of the Tools!

PowerPoint. Prezi. Google Slides. Keynote. Sway. All of them – presentation tools. Which one is better? Which one is worse? Which one you should be using? This opened seminar will give you an answer to all those questions! Important – this one will be an exception to the rule and we will do not 60 but 90 minutes so that we can see more from and by the tools. Ready to learn what is the status of the presentation software? Register on the site and we will see you soon…



Date: 25 September
Time: 19:00 – 20:30
Address: Angel Kanchev 3
Facebook Event: Here

See you there!


The event went great and we stayed for more than hour and a half exploring and looking at the 5 major presentation tools. We shared a ton of insights with the audience with the only goal of making them understand that at the end of the day, these are simply tools. However, as tools, they can and should be used accordingly. One tool can offer X and the other Y and it’s us as presenters that need to know which one we should be using when.

Watch the Facebook Live HERE.