For over a decade, Tom has been reshaping the way people use and view PowerPoint. As founder and creative director of Synapsis Creative, he has dedicated his career to using PowerPoint to bridge the gap between clients and creatives.

Tom often writes and regularly speaks at conferences and business across the globe, demonstrating the software’s intuitiveness and versatility far beyond presentation design. Tom has designed collateral for 20% of the World’s Top 60 Brands and 2x award winner of Microsoft MVP for PowerPoint (so he knows how to finesse the software).

Need a print-design solution, but unsure where to start? Open PowerPoint.

No, seriously!

This underutilized software can easily format to any document type or size so you can create with ease and visualize your message beautifully. Learn how to save yourself time, resources, and sanity while elevating the visual appeal and impact of your print designs in PowerPoint – it’s not just for presentations.

Join PowerPoint expert, Tom Howell, as he runs you through the wide range of design possibilities and conveniences available through this underappreciated (and often poorly used) design program. Gain the skills and insights to take control of your print design assets.

How does Tom push the limits of PowerPoint?

Last year, his agency Synapsis Creative worked on a full-blown marketing campaign that had each and every part of the collateral designed in PowerPoint.

It included architecture, content, animations, videos, collateral, and everything we needed for print brochures, package design, microsite websites, e-learning components – all built-in PowerPoint!

How Tom speeds up workflow in PowerPoint

The Quick Access Toolbar can actually be customized based on the type of documents you’re creating in PowerPoint. This means that you can create multiple specific toolbars for the type of project you’re working on, so you’re not distracted by animation tools when you’re designing a print document for example.

How to animate effectively in PowerPoint

Whatever you need to animate, you should know that all the tools you need are inside PowerPoint. It’s far from difficult once you know how to play with shapes that are used to mask or hide other objects on your slide.

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