In this episode we are talking about the importance of presentation design and how just because your slides are done well, your business can differentiate and deliver true tangible results.

What does it take to be a LinkedIn Learning Instructor

You need to know your subject matter. You really, really need to know it. What’s more, you need to be able to teach it and break it down in a way that’s entertaining because if it is dry and monotonous no one will watch it and complete the course.

If you are saying to yourself "Oh, I hate building slide decks", you lost already!

You are not maximizing what you can achieve if you are thinking this way. The point is not whether or not you like it. If it is part of your job and if it even a key to your success, learn how to do it. Invest in it. Grow and search for ways to constantly better at it.

Caring enough is a choice

There are a lot of people who are freewheeling. This is simply disrespectful. If someone has given you a job to do, you need to search for ways to do that job on a top-level. We had a case with a presentation that we decided to approach from a completely different angle because everyone was doing similar talks in the same way. So I helped my customer do it differently and they ended up making millions out of that…

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