Top 3 Upgrades in PowerPoint AI Designer for Creators

PowerPoint Designer is one of those Microsoft technologies that intially got very mixed responses from the end user. The main reason why that was the case was because most of the times the quality of the design suggestions the AI-based tool was providing were plain and simply not good enough.

Microsoft are not giving up on it, though, and recently they announced some interesting improvements that we believe you need to know about. So, what changed in PowerPoint Designer?

  • AI-Powered Content Suggestions
  • Recommendations Based on Company-Branded Templates
  • Version History for Tracking Document Changes


PowerPoint AI-Powered Image Recommendations

Creating an impactful presentation in PowerPoint becomes much easier while saving even more time. The AI-driven content suggestions enable Design Ideas to recommend high-quality and royalty-free images for your slides. Truly relevant suggestions, indeed.

PowerPoint AI Designer Image Suggestions

This improvement helps speed up your workflow in creating unified slides faster. The AI saves you great time and effort in searching for images manually and making sure you’ve got the right one.

To put it simply, Design Ideas will now be able to suggest high-quality images based on your text area content.

For instance, when you enter something like “Shipping Logistics” you will get a range of relevant shipping photos. Add them to your slides to help convey your message.

The next cool feature is making big numbers more easy to digest.

PowerPoint now helps presenters by turning big numbers like 30,000 feet into automatically recommended verbal clarifications. For instance “About the height of Mount Everest”.

PowerPoint Designer AI Digestible Numbers

In other words, you automatically get a simple clarification that helps your audience put that data into context.


Designer Suggests Slides Based on Branded Templates

Previously, the slide suggestions in PowerPoint were random.

Today, Designer understands your company-branded template and what they’re about to make those suggestions relevant.

The AI scans your current layouts and content to optimize the suggestions it provides. This is a healthy boost in keeping the brand and content consistency across your entire presentation.

PowerPoint Designer Company-Branded Templates

Now you have much more than just random suggestions for templates. PowerPoint Designer is focused on using your brand’s fonts, colors, images and layouts to recommend the most relevant slides.

This new feature helps keep all your presentations on-brand and lets you focus on creating the most engaging content. As a result, you save tons of time on designing branded slides.

Now it’s much easier for you to create on-brand presentations. Simply put, you have enough template layout ideas to customize presentations for each client.

If you’re planning on getting some new company-branded templates to expand your sales collateral, we can help with that.


Version History Let's You Switch Between Changes

Recommended documents in Microsoft Office now makes it easier to stay on top of recent files. Finally, it’s intuitive to keep track of the documents in progress and get more of them done.

PowerPoint Document Version History

The Version History will show you recent changes by date and user. Hence, you can restore certain files and their changes to the version you’d like.

Wait until you try it...

Time to get excited for the news coming from PowerPoint! In conclusion, we hope this article helped you understand how the updates help you. Let’s get more done, by doing less!