Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 29 of 50): Staying Behind Something

Another week, another 7 posts coming. We ended on something really important – the fact that every trainer/speaker/presenter should approach and talk to their audience with respect and not vice versa.

Let’s now jump to some nonverbal communication issues we noticed during the course. Here we go!

Mistake: Staying behind a desk/table during the whole presentation.

Why is this a problem: “Hiding” behind something – a table, a desk or something else – is a sign that you are not feeling comfortable with something – maybe you are nervous or maybe you feel not prepared enough. Whatever the reason is, the people in your room will feel that you don’t want to remove all barriers between you and them and that’s not OK.

Solution: Get in front of your audience. There should be nothing in front of you. If needed, rearrange the room in order for there to be nothing between you and your audience.

Here, now you are 29 steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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