Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 47 of 50): Images Everywhere

No 3D in any shape or form in your slides!

Another one and a very popular such for our post 47.

Mistake: Putting images on your slides just because “there should be an image”

Why is this a problem: 99% of the times, I see people using images on their slides is in the way shown below. This is not helping you what so ever. Using images this way only makes your slides look worse and what’s more – unprofessional.

SolutionUse only high-quality images. No clip art. Ban clip art! It’s 2016! Use HQ images and try to make them “bleeding” meaning they should take the slide from edge to edge. If not possible or you are not sure how, remove them and figure out a different design. The example below illustrates a possible approach.

47 steps to becoming a great trainer and counting! Cool, right?

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