Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 44 of 50): No Text Animation

So if you can start with a blank presentation – do it. Don’t use templates. Now another one on presentation design and animations.

Mistake: Using text and showing it all at once!

Why is this a problem: Showing text that you are not talking about at the moment of showing it is a problem because your audience, want it or not, will spend the time reading it. What are they going to understand? Are they going to understand it at all? + more importantly – they just lost their attention towards you because you made them read and not listen…

SolutionAnimate your text with animation like Fade and show only the point that you are currently speaking about. Then, when you start covering the next point, use your clicker to show the next point and discuss it. What you are showing and what you are talking about should be in sync! 

44 steps to becoming a great trainer and counting! Cool, right?

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