Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 50 of 50): Slideshow, please!

One last post after talking about an important topic like colors in number 49 and yeah… that’s it!

Mistake: Not going back to slideshow after a demo…

Why is this a problem: Your audience wants to see your well designed and effective slides. They don’t want to be looking at the PowerPoint ribbon and your start menu. They also don’t want to see the notes under your slides + probably they should not be allowed to see those as you have written some notes to yourself and not some additional info that they will be able to read later on when they receive the deck.

SolutionOnce you are done with a demo, always get back to the slideshow! 

50 of 50, guys! 50 of 50, gals! Wow! That was a journey…

Coming next is a summary blog post with all articles that you would be able to share with your friends and colleagues who want to become better trainers and speakers!