Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 7 of 50): Busy Demos

The previous post on the mistakes from the train the trainer course was on the notifications that frequently pop up on the screen of speakers during their presentations. Here is another really frequently seen mistake that we saw during the course that is so typical for the IT trainers:

Mistake: During a demo, there are things opened that do not bring anything to the demo itself.

Why is this a problem: Your demo should be “straight to the point” and as easy and clear as possible. Every single detail, browser tab, icon, program, whatever that you have opened are adding unnecessary noise to it thus distracting and taking away from the focus of your audience. You don’t want that.

Solution: Before starting the presentation, prepare your demo(s) and everything that you need for it in such a way that you have only what’s needed for it on your screen. Repeat and apply for all the demos during the session.

Here, now you are 7 steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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