Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 2 of 50): Dying Battery

In the first post from the train the trainer mistake series, we talked about a common mistake – not turning off your phone before going on stage. Moving on with the next one now.

Mistake: Your device’s battery is about to die during your talk.

Why is this a problem: For many, many reasons! Here are 3 of them:

  1. The popup notification reminding you to plug in your device is distracting for your audience and disrupts the flow of your talk.
  2. You probably now need to plug in the device, so that takes of your time (your audience is waiting too).
  3. For you IT people – there is a high chance that if you are running on battery, your machine(excluding the tablets from the game now) is not using High-Performance Power Mode. That can lead to a ton of problems for you as an IT trainer because your demos may work slower than you expect or slower compared to when you rehearsed them (you did that too, right?). Trust me, the last thing you will think of when the latter happens is whether or not you are in the correct power mode for your machine. Just trust me.

Solution: Make sure you have a charger for your device and plug it in before the talk starts. 

Here, now you are two steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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