Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 12 of 50): Excuses

Being a trainer is not easy. We are just 12 steps into the posts and I believe you can already agree with that. In the previous post we talked about the “not introducing yourself” thing. Let me now share with you a mistake that I have seen so many times, it just hurts. Yes, from “big names” too.

Mistake: Excusing yourself at the start of your presentation!?

Why is this a problem: Now be careful here – do you want your audience to feel like they are going to be part of something interesting, important and special? If NOT, then, please, continue excusing yourself.

You don’t want to lower people’s expectations. That’s not the same as the marketing / sales trick – tell your customer you are going to deliver X and then deliver X + 100 in order to impress them! Please. Please. Please never start by excusing yourself. Please.

SolutionNever ever(!) excuse yourself at the start of your presentation. No one cares. 

12 steps closer to becoming a great trainer now. ?

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