Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 23 of 50): Foreign Words

The Train the Trainer series continues. We talked about defining acronyms and the “as you know” problem. Now onto another one that I too have done bad job not just once.

Mistake: Using a ton of foreign words or more concretely using a ton of English words in a non English-speaking country.

Why is this a problem: First off, I am not talking about English words that could not be translated into the local language. I am talking about words that could be translated to the local language, but even so, we still use (most of the times) the English version of it. Sometimes that could be a problem (based on my experience and feedback I received not just once), because some people just don’t like or worse – they don’t understand it. As a trainer, speaking this way may be part of your style, but whenever there is a chance that your audience will not understand you, this should make you think.

Solution: “Monitor” yourself for using foreign words. Whenever you do it, just say the local equivalent too and then move forward. 

Here, now you are 23 steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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