Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 11 of 50): Name Please

Here we go again with the train the trainer mistakes we saw during the course at Software University. Number 10 was a very specific one – the IDEs are not optimized and ready for demos. Now, let me introduce you to a mistake that I personally believe we saw because some of the guys in the course are indeed at the start of their presenting careers. That, however, does not matter and we still count it as a mistake because it simply is such! 🙂

Mistake: No personal introduction. Not even a name.

Why is this a problem: Not saying your name is simply strange. And not introducing yourself is a missed chance for you to convince the audience that you are the right person for the topic and they want (not just have, but want) to listen to you!

Solution: Introduce yourself. Say your name(I mean… seriously!) and then give a very brief explanation why you are the person people want to listen to.

11 steps closer to becoming a great trainer now. ?

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