Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 14 of 50): No Experience?

In the previous Train the Trainer post, we discussed that many times presenters do not grab the audience’s attention at the most important moment in their presentation – the beginning. Let’s talk about something else that we saw during the course:

Mistake: You are saying that you have 0 experience on your main topic?

Why is this a problem: So if so, why should your audience trust you? You are trying to convince them something and you are saying that you have no experience in it what so ever?

SolutionNever ever tell your audience that you have 0 experience with your main topic. (if so, why are you presenting it in first place?). That’s not the same as if someone asks you a question on something different than your main topic and you haven’t experimented with it yet. That’s different. Even if you really don’t have the experience, make sure you are prepared as much as possible, because you want to look confident. Otherwise, people won’t trust you and you are on your way to fail. Badly.

Here, now you are 14 steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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